The software has been in the market for more than 7 years now, and many companies have trusted and reviewed this tool. It moreover has state-of-the-art integration with some very popular test automation tools and bug trackers. It includes a simple, effective, and friendly user design and interface.The feature of managing tests can be improved.Customer service and support features are excellent. These features include 24/7 live chat support and less than 24 hours response times for any issues and complaints with the software.

test management tools

Robust planning tools with multi-tester runs and milestone cloning. A typical gathering ground for all QA shareholders, it powers full clarity into the testing procedure and a more profound, more extensive comprehension of testing results. It is a constant testing stage for Agile and DevOps groups that empowers groups to team up on a concept, test code consistently, and create documentation from real-time in-depth insight. It is utilized by more than twenty-five thousand consumers located in a hundred and forty nations.

What Are Test Management Tools?

So, when choosing a test management platform, consider the support options as well. You can organize your requirements, develop and run tests , track issues, and generate reports using the adjustable filters. With Kualitee, you can maintain test case repositories, execute test cycles, log defects, customize dashboards and reports, and do much more in your testing efforts. Kualitee also offers integrations with a host of other tools, including JIRA.

If you wish to work effectively, then you must use the tools which offer the best features so that you don’t have to struggle to be productive. In order to help with this, we have listed some of the best tools that you can use. PractiTest provides a platform to aid organizations to manage software development and deployment processes. With several awards and accomplishments as market leaders, PractiTest ensures improving collaboration and reducing the risk of issues for your business. Test Management Tools help to plan and organize testing activities, monitor progress of tests, analyze test results, track bugs found during testing etc. It allows us to oversee the test coverage, execution and outcome by providing us with a detailed dashboard for tracking quality assurance activities.

It allows you to retain end-to-end traceability across issues, test cases, cycles, and plans thanks to its tight integration with the Jira user interface. Silk Central’s TestBook dashboard panel for manual testing provides insight into test execution, allowing you to see who worked on what and keep track of progress. Testers can publish comments and queries directly to TestBook as they test, allowing for greater cooperation among team members. Manage your requirements with ease, and track and optimize your testing process with our detailed reports. With rich text editing, you may create, edit, and run test cases. With global scheduling, test management for exploratory, automated, and manual testing is possible.

Personalized to-do lists and email notifications for newly assigned tests. Allows one to manage test suites, past test results, and track test case history. Integration to Test Automation tool and CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.

Full integration with any test automation tool, CI pipeline & DevOps tools. Capture the results of manual testing or get real-time feedback from your test automation. Integrate with your favourite tools, customize roles, reports, filters and more. Price is affordable and flexible to suit large and small teams alike. In-built defect management, as well as integration with Jira, Buzilla, Redmine, and many others.

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Some of the commonly used Test Management Tools are Zephyr, TestMonitor, IBM Rational Quality Manager, HP ALM, Rally, etc. Kualitee takes the stress out of software testing and makes team communication simple, whether you presently handle testing in Excel or with a software lifecycle management platform. Assign tasks to your team and stay on top of real-time progress with our easy-to-use dashboard and reporting. Test management solutions can be a complex discipline because of all the communication, coordination, documentation, and tools involved. However, software testers can use free test case management tools to make their lives easier and deliver better software. These testing tools can be used as an alternative to purchasing licenses and are often more helpful than traditional spreadsheets for managing tests.

However, your success depends on choosing the appropriate software for your business needs. CucumberStudio is one of the top collaboration platforms for behavior-driven test data management tools comparison development . It comes with direct Git integration so your BDD documentation is always the single source of truth for your behavior tests.

The answer is 3– They support traceability of tests to source documents and they provide an interface to test execution tools. Right out of the box, SpiraTest is designed to integrate seamlessly with over 65 different tools and technologies including Selenium, Jenkins and Git. Available as both a cloud hosted service or on premise solution, it has a unique license model based on concurrent logins and not the number of registered users.

Test management is the process of taking your project’s requirements, building a test plan, writing the tests, planning the test activities and capturing the results. There are many benefits of using a software test management tool. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing process. By having all of your tests in one place, and being able to easily track their progress and results, you can save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be wasted. Modern software testing processes rely heavily on automated tests.

test management tools

Reuse tests across different projects, modules, and test libraries to avoid performance issues. Set the permissions to allow certain users access to various functions within an application such as tests cases, test cycles, executions, and reports. Best Test management tool inside Jira to manage all phases of the testing lifecycle. Customizable XRay reports tracking the test executions and Test sets with overall testing progress.


Using our test Labs, you can organize your test team and assign tests. Your team could be sitting down the hall or on the other side of the world. Requirements can be manually entered or dynamically synchronized from external tools in Klaros Test Management.

  • Best for teams of all sizes, from individual testers to large corporate groups of 100 or more.
  • Having a shared tool that everyone can access and use will make it much easier to keep everyone on the same page, and ensure that everyone is aware of what needs to be done.
  • These are some of the most important tasks which need to be taken care of as a tester.
  • Test and deliver flawless products, and accelerate their go-to-market time.

It is configurable and customizable at many levels and includes version control for test assets. TestWave TestWave is a cloud-based software test management solution with a lot of features. It keeps track of test scripts, results, and problems, as well as mapping testing to requirements and releases.


Within one interface, you can easily establish projects, specify requirements, build test cases and test runs, and organize the whole testing process. Klaros Test Management is an easy-to-use application for managing professional tests. The user interface is simple to use and assists test managers and testers with the administration, planning, execution, and assessment of test operations. An integrated test module makes it simple to plan and conduct tests. ReQtest integrates test management with JIRA, allowing you to take advantage of JIRA’s issue tracking features.

test management tools

XStudio is available in multiple editions with different feature sets so you can choose the features you need for your projects. Test lodge is one of the best test case tools that provide basic four aspects Test Plans, Requirements, Test Suites & Cases, and Test Runs. It has everything it requires to manage test cases, while test plans can be generated quickly with ease. Testlodge can be integrated with your existing issue tracking tools to allow ticket and defect reports to be automatically created when a test case fails.

Additional Test Management Solutions

Collaborate between Automation QA Engineers and Manual Testers to create automated API tests, Load Tests, and monitor APIs. Salome-TMF’s data management system allows you to attach files and URLs . It’s easy for people to forget other options in a world full of paid SaaS products.

70 cross-project reports and gadgets enable enterprise-grade reporting to track coverage, progress, and quality. To promote collaboration and understanding, share test metrics with team members and stakeholders. It was formerly one of the most widely used test management software programs, but it is now showing its age after many years of use. It includes all of the necessary functionality and serves as the benchmark against which all other tools are judged.

It leverages Java code and thus is useable anywhere you have an operating system JDK. In addition, you can quickly make a draft of your test cases using the recorder. Report on manual testing progress easily through the use of defect reports.

Panaya replicates end-to-end business process operations in a unique and intuitive sequence of phases, each of which is assigned to a different user. JunoOne’s agile approach can help you finish your construction projects faster, with fewer roadblocks, and with better results. TestMonitor offers a test case editor that is meant to get your tests up and running within minutes. In TestMonitor, managing large numbers of test cases becomes a breeze. To reduce redundancy and improve performance, share steps between test cases.

Now owned by SmartBear, Zephyr was originally developed as a Jira Add-on to enhance its capabilities to support proper testing management. However, for medium-size and above organizations, with complex testing, this approach proves to be insufficient. Hence, the enterprise edition was created to better address the needs of such organizations., in terms of testing requirements, as well as, compatibility with enterprise requirements. This tool is used to track the bug and issues by simply e-mailing the system, and it provides the advance filters which help us to stop the duplicate bugs even before they are reported.